LAX Private Shuttle Pick Up

Getting Picked Up From LAX

Getting picked up from LAX can be confusing. Not only for those who are arriving to LAX for their first time, but also to those who have not been through LAX since fall of 2019. Travelers might assume they can catch a cab or order a ride-share after they have gathered their luggage. To their surprise they find out they have to catch a shuttle bus or walk to the pick up area adjacent to terminal 1. From there they would then order their ride-share or find a cab. The benefit of using a private car / shuttle service is we have the permit to pick up in front of your terminal. So the next question might be, how will I know where to meet my driver? The answer to that is simple. When a reservation is booked on line we send an immediate confirmation via email and text. When booked in advance your assigned driver will reach out to you again via text or call prior to your arrival. In most cases prior to you boarding your inbound flight to LAX. Once you arrive your driver will ask you what your status is, if you need assistance gathering your luggage, etc. (an additional fee may be applied if you need the driver to meet you at your baggage claim) Once you have all of your luggage and have exited the terminal, you will see a large pillar across the first two lanes just like the one pictured below. You will let your driver know what pillar you are near and that is where your driver will pick you up.

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  1. Jason Brawner on 08/16/2021 at 9:40 am

    We used this company after moving our daughter into her college dorm. Being from Texas we were unsure who to use and after a little searching we used this company because it had lots of great reviews. All I can say is “WOW”!!!! Super great experience. The driver would text us with status updates and was extremely friendly, great company. Thank you Hamid Ghomi for getting us to LAX early and for being so kind. Will definitely use again next trip!!!

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